Saturday, 20 June 2015

Needing a break?

A project to finish? Looming blank page? Or just some time to reflect, walk, create, rest, sleep . . .
As a family of artists (writers, painters and musicians) we can empathise!

Just five minutes . . . then I'll start.

Our house is situated a few minutes walk from the centre of Limoux, an attractive small town half an hour from Carcassonne. (Airport at Carcassonne, rail link from the city to Limoux).

 Limoux square

We can tailor your stay according to how you wish to work - in total solitude, punctuated by cups of tea and the occasional meal, or you can join in: discuss work, share breakfasts/lunchtimes/supper, walk dogs, be shown routes, paths and places of interest . . . as you like.

 Our terrace

We offer a comfortable room with bathroom (across the corridor) for your use only, and a writing/painting studio. The neighbourhood is quiet and the only sounds you will generally hear, apart from your own tapping on keyboard/canvas covering will be birds, the odd dog bark, and Mark playing the piano (he can be turned down/off).


 Studio with day bed


The minimum stay for a retreat is a week.

Prices for room and studio including use of the gardens/terrace/pool.
For a single person: 450 euros
                    couple: 550 euros

This is based on self-catering and sharing our kitchen.
All other meals can be provided. Prices per person.

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad, home made breads, jams, croissants, etc.
6.00 euros

Lunch: Join in with the family. We eat mostly vegetarian meals: lots of curry, salads, stir-frys, etc.
10.00 euros

Supper: We are within a pleasant walk of the town square with its numerous cafés and restaurants, or you are welcome to make food here, or we can cook for you.
Three course meal with wine.
18.00 euros

We can also offer a retreat on the coast (Cerbère, last town before Spain) in our two bedroom flat.
I will be making a blogsite soon. Ask for more details.

So, that's the basics. If you would like to know more, call me on the above number for a chat re travel, work, the region, events happening . . .

My main blog, to give you a flavour of our lives and work is through the link at the top of the page.

 Breakfast on the terrace

 Pool in May


Kate is a writer and painter currently working on two novels set in London in 2090.
Her trilogy Going Out in the Midday Sun is available on Amazon.
Alfi Beasti, don't eat that: Puffin books, also on Amazon.